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Avid collector of vinyl, based in West London.
Nothing can beat a good scavenge through charity shops, record fairs and jumble sales.
Hunting for Twee Pop,Power Pop,indie,C86,Punk,Post Punk

Stories of musical marauding from The Scavenger

So You Want To be A Record Collector.

First rule, don't be disheartened. You will walk into a charity shop and spy a mountain of vinyl and pound signs will pirouette before your eyes. Nonchalantly you'll wander over and study the first record. It'll most likely be a James Last LP or Paul Young's No Parlez. If it is a Matt Bianco 12" think yourself blessed. It's not worth anything but it's more encouraging than being confronted by Mrs Mills's chubby cheeks. I once found Matt Bianco singles in at least five charity shops on the same day. They were all different. I had no idea Matt Bianco had been so prolific; I had no idea a record company could be so tolerant.As you begin to forage there will be gasps of recognition as the musical carnage of the 80's is offered up for your inspection. If you're lucky some lesser lights of the 70's or 90's may appear. If you're really lucky you might find one indie record. It won't be worth anything and you won't want it but it'll be a talking point when you describe the day to your friends. Under the influence of despair you'll even start rummaging through cassettes. Unless you find something by Judith Durham say no to tapes. This is the real life of the scavenger. If you can't cut it, leave it to those who can.

Turntable Revolution Record Collection

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Video Crush

Club Hoy - On and on (1991)

Best Sounds Of The Week

  • Wendy Darlings : Bowling Shoes
  • Allo Darlin' : Silver Dollars
  • Smittens : Half My Heart Beats
  • Beach Fossils : The Horse
  • Cod Lovers : Bye Bye Pain
  • Jens Lekman : Black Cab
  • Magazine : The Light Pours Out Of Me
  • Big In Japan : Match Of The Day
  • Small World : Two-Tone Girl
  • Turquoise Days : Grey Skies
  • Big Black : Kerosene
  • New Pornographers : If You Can't See My Mirrors
  • Tall Dwarfs : Paul's Place
  • Bats : It's A Lie
  • Bats : Jetsam
  • Paul St. John : Spaceship Lover
  • Harmonia : Dino

Singles on picture parade

7" Single Scans

My Latest Ebay Swordplay

Eye On Ebay

EYE ON EBAY------Sunburn and bloody noses One of the great lost indie bands that sprouted up from the fertile C86 soil, The Siddeleys released the formidable Sunshine Thuggery 12" on Sombrero in 1988. Four flawless tracks of mustard-laced indiepop criminally overlooked at the time managed to persuade a punter to part with £33.


EYE ON EBAY--------Childish Claim Kent mod revivalists The Claim released several singles on various labels and this one on Caff is one of their rarest. Sleeve artwork by Billy Childish might have helped this rocket up to a final sale price of £79.81.

EYE ON EBAY------He keeps on killing time The Clive Culbertson fan club continues to pay substantial amounts for Time To Kill. This copy sells for £127.27. Somewhere in a hidden forest there is a factory churning these singles out. Just how rare is this expensive morsel when it seems to turn up every month.


EYE ON EBAY-------Desperate men What's going on here? Smokescreen by The Desperate Bicycles achieves a surprising total of £62. Odd as this single regularly turns up and usually sells for half that price. One desperate bidder got squeezed.


The Turntable Revolution 70 all time indie singles

To qualify for the list below the artists have to be British, the songs have to be on single format, must be on an indie label and failed to reach the top 75. This is a fluid list. My favourites change by the minute. Already I'm wondering why Lovelee Sweet Darlene is not in the top 20. Time span 1980-1999.

1 Orange Juice : Falling And Laughing
2 Field Mice : When Morning Comes To Town
3 Orange Juice : Felicity
4 Smiths : Hand In Glove
5 McCarthy : Keep An Open Mind Or Else
6 Company She Keeps : The Men Responsible
7 Heavenly : Our Love Is Heavenly
8 Desert Wolves : Speak To Me Rochelle
9 Sea Urchins : Pristine Christine
10 Siddeleys : My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon

11 Dentists : Charms And The Girl
12 Popguns : Waiting For The Winter
13 Field Mice : An Earlier Autumn
14 Orange Juice : Blue Boy
15 House Of Love : Destroy The Heart
16 McCarthy : The Well Of Loneliness
17 Beloved : This Means War
18 Heavenly : Hearts And Crosses
19 Talulah Gosh : Bringing Up Baby
20 McCarthy : This Nelson Rockefeller
21 Razorcuts : Big Pink Cake
22 1000 Violins : If I Were A Bullet
23 Sarah Goes Shopping : Summer Blues
24 Heavenly : Atta Girl
25 Marine Girls : On My Mind
26 Shop Assistants : Safety Net
27 Melons : Fast Lane
28 Razorcuts : I Heard You The First Time
29 My Bloody Valentine : Lovelee Sweet Darlene
30 Jeremiahs : Driving Into The Sun
31 Heavenly : So Little Deserve
32 No Flags Etc. : Don't Bring Me Back
33 Dolly Mixture : Remember This
34 Wolfhounds : The Anti-Midas Touch
35 Chairs : Size 10 Girlfriend

36 Train Set : She's Gone
37 Desert Wolves : Love Scattered Lives

38 Trash Can Sinatras : Obscurity Knocks
39 Grow-Up : Joanne
40 Heavenly : P.U.N.K Girl
41 Field Mice : Sensitive
42 County Fathers : You Think It's So Funny
43 Avo-8 : Fame
44 Siddeleys : Are You Still Evil When You're Sleeping?
45 Greenhouse : Mad As Love
46 A Chocolate Morning : If You Want Me
47 Huggy Bear : Her Jazz
48 Siddeleys : Sunshine Thuggery

49 Waltones : She Looks Right Through Me
50 Hardy Boys : Wonderful Lie
51 Aztec Camera : Just Like Gold
52 Orchids : Tiny Words
53 Bob : Convenience
54 Friends : You'll Never See That Summertime Again
55 Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes : You'll Never Be That Young Again
56 Soup Dragons : Pleasantly Surprised
57 Blind Mice : It's Not Heaven
58 Close Lobsters : Firestation Towers
59 Company She Keeps : What A Girl Wants
60 Pale Saints : She Rides The Waves
61 Felt : Primitive Painters62 Blueboy : Popkiss
63 Popinjays : Monster Mouth
64 Orange Juice : Lovesick
65 Bloody Marys : Stain

66 Harrison : There Is No Refrain
67 Clamheads : Crack On
68 Hit Parade : Autobiography
69 Bodines : Heard It All
70 Wild Indians : Love Of My Life

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Rupert Was there.Can you spot him?